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Free Download Chasys Draw IES 2013 v4.02

 Chasys Draw IES 2013 v4.02 

Chasys Draw IES 2013 v4.02 Adalah salah satu software image editor dan memiliki tampilan antar muka yang hampir sama dengan photoshop sehingga pengguna mudah untuk melakukan penyesuaian. 

Features : 
• Fast JpDRAW2 graphics engine for high speed image manipulation 
• Easy-to-use task-oriented user interface with auto-save 
• Internal error handling and logging for reliability and stability 
• In-built installer and uninstaller for easy re-installation and removal 
• Supports a very wide range of image file formats 
• GraphAsm programming support for adding custom effects 
• Convolution matrix support for filter extension 
• Plug-in support for extending functionality and compatibility 
• Create and modify sprites with full alpha channels 
• Blue-Screen effects in three different modes 
• Alpha channel enhancement and adjustment 
• Advanced sprite creation tools 
• Translucency / transparency based special effects 
• In-built screen capture, smart-dithering and image enhancement 
• Icon creation and extraction from programs, DLLs, icon libraries, etc. 
• Password protection of images using in-built data encryption engine 

Latest Changes : 
• Automation Engine with Scripting 
• Script/Macro recording function 
• Scripting interface for Effects 
• Scripting interface for Transforms 
• Scripting interface for Adjustments 
• Scripting interface for some layer operations 
• Highly improved video plugins 
• Workspace Cropping 
• Improved Notepad, now uses F2 key 
• Minor UI improvements (Improved Popup management) 
• [bug fix] DIB color interpretation 
• [bug fix] Dissolve effect 

Cara Instal : 
1. Ekstrak rar 
2. Install Chasys Draw IES 
3. Enjoy 

DOWNLOAD Chasys Draw IES 2013 v4.02 

Password rar : eq_pc.com

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