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Facebook Ad Explosion with Bonus

Announcing The Brand New, 6 Part, Step By Step Video Course, That Finally Shows...
"How to Post Facebook Ads And Increase Your Conversions At The Same Time...Starting Today!"
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This is a Free step by step video course that takes you by the hand to show you how to explode your conversions with Facebook Ads!
Dear Future Facebook Advertiser,
Market Share Fact: According to a study released in 2010 by Experian Hitwise US, based on USA usage; Of the Market Share Google owns 7.03%, while Facebook owns 7.07%.
On the graph it shows Facebook increasing, as Google takes a steady path. This means as advertisers, you have a large reach for potential clients.
Problems Business Owners like you face: It’s obvious that many business owners like you don’t have a ton of time to market, but it is a necessity in order to survive your competition. If that is the case, then I recommend Facebook Ads.

For business owners online and offline, Facebook is extremely easy to use compared with Google Adwords’ complicated system. Not to mention that it is super, super targeted. It’s like the advertiser’s dream. Now that’s not to say that Adwords doesn’t work, because it does. But as times are changing, we realize here, that Facebook is indeed, where a ton of potential clients are.

You can setup a campaign in a matter of minutes; get it approved, and start receiving extremely targeted traffic. Here are a few more reasons why Facebook Ads are the way to go.

According to Facebook itself:
  • There are 500 million potential customers on Facebook
  • You can target your potential customers by location, age and interests
  • You can use simple image and text-based ads
  • You can build your relationships on a deeper level, by promoting your Facebook Page or website
  • Facebook has a “Like” button to increase your ad’s influence
  • You can build a community around your business
  • You can control your budget by setting the daily budget you are comfortable withYou can choose to pay between (CPC) or (CPM)
As you've seen from above, you have access to a massive market of extremely targeted, potential clients. Now keep in mind that just like any system, there are a few steps you need to follow, to get the success you need and deserve. You can’t just setup a campaign and presume that it will convert.

Yes these can be roadblocks, but there's a solution...

Free Facebook Ad Explosion!
Facebook Ad Explosion Video Course

This step by step, 6 part video series, takes you by the hand and shows you how to quickly plan and setup your Facebook Ad campaign correctly, from; what facebook allows and disallows, the basics of writing your ads, getting them approved, testing them, getting them to convert and building a community around your brand, to increase the viralness!

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